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Girlworld Fortress (555 Recordings 2002)

   To be honest – the first time you hearing this format songs of Folk-acoustic Pop in slow-driving Lo-Fi taste which collaborating to thus fireworks background sampling noises seems to be silly and bothering even though the music sounded good, though. Later on try it again and press play to the next songs or the next one; all twenty one of them and mostly, had the experiments and tales about human, life-form and future Los Angeles in too plainly taste made by the duo of Sara Diaz and Jasmine Albuquerque as Lucky Dragons and equally, presenting their works as perhaps, interactive and installed by performance for real timing experimentations on crystallizing symbolic diffused of a better living and acts among us to the anti-nuclear gifts on terrible sampling and sounds available for the recording named Dark Falcon. An abstract moment where Electronic reaches its most variable border and harmony would deeply not showing too much no more. Chercez Le Dragon may delivering their story About Peter, Resurrect Dead On Planet Jupiter, I’d Play at The Rotunda, Schjeldahl’s Party to New Trees and new Homes – probably, true showing to us that after the giant explosions and pathetic wars on everything different; we finding ourselves in year zero alone and cold with lack of good memories about the happy past … 

It's Hard To Fall Asleep since then. 

Dark Falcon: