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Get Lost Guys (Suicide Squeeze 2017)

   Even without Crystal Nava (drums) who were quitting the group right before Sade Sanchez (guitar, vocals), Irita Pai (bass, organ) and Ellie English replacing her post behind drums for the American/Los Angeles Psyche Garage Punk trio L.A Witch – whose really didn’t quite well-known but actually, seminal and independently – underground enough to have loyal fans from many places liking them because of their occult and simplicity but never sounded cheesy since. Like the blending of The Cramps, Siouxie and The Banshee or thus mixing for Psychedelic Rock meets Surf-Pop meets Post-Punk on progressions as the lazy vocals and depression themes to the flammable lyrics and vintage images contained inside the band’s works to offer through this self-titled album and oyu will be the witness for a ritual on Rock N’ Roll show spreading the sounds of sensuality, dangerous and mystical as the listeners might heard via Brian, Untitled, Kill My Baby Tonight, You Love Nothing or Baby in Blue Jeans as the Country-tinged, Pop-satire or strange artworks really fascinating your interest to knowing them girls better …

L.A Witch: