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Gerald Palate (Count Your Lucky Star 2009)

Frostburg, Maryland sending this package of the mixture of Emo, Hardcore-Punk, Indie Rock to Post-Metal acclamations louder than explosions over hatred and delighted quality released on this self-titled for Perfect Future and the animals wanted to protesting to humans because of the greed comes extinctions and after than further more; the devastation on the entire planet like a circle of painful revenge curse until nothing’s left.

Members like Brendan Stephens, John Crogan or Matt Wojcik – written, performed and arranging their powerful effects on rocking out and technically progressive as driven the depressions feelings and lifted the spirits up carefully for the audience via Don’t Be Fooled Word Can Affect World View, Father Time, From Me To You to Mother Earth and Colonization or Roses & Roses & Roses must at least, emotionally – led the frontal page of struggles among animal-supporters and themselves to shifting hopes with violence; redemption with amok, peace for annihilation.

Perfect Future: