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Gene Autry (Velocette Records 2001)

With its Indie Rock based of San Francisco barrier sounds formed by Danny Sullivan, Eli Crews, Miles Kurosky Pat Noel and Bill Swan respectively distorting their ways as the mixing of Modern Rock, Pop-tunes and tangled Psychedelic movements and likes picturing their painting music sounds as the representation named Beulah completed their existence as a unit and The Coast is Never Clear not perhaps, a statement of a lifetime achievement but a slogan made onto a title suggesting for you to keep on moving on whether today is a good living or not and properly eligible onto sound like this performance tracks chosen and written to be semi- mastering spreads for the community to love and listen via What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades ?, Popular Mechanics For Lovers, A Good Man is Easy to Kill, Hey Brother and Night is The Day Turned Inside Out or Burned By The Sun would spare your non-interest over Indie Pop rock music. Beulah forgives you and hope your finding a way to meet them in musical over-tuned.

The Coast is Never Clear: