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Galaxy Punk (Dine Alone Records 2014)

   Too many good products available directly from the talented song-writings or musical compositions made correctly stronger, melodious melancholic or Progressive artistic as these San Francisco’s biting on an unspeakable one by one theory tales of songs as their grip of teeth over your ears while listening to their awesome forth recordings on Maui Tears as the Psychedelic mauled rockers group Sleepy Sun consisted of Brian Tice, Evan Reis, Jack Allen, Matt Holliman and Bret Constantino whom sounded closer to British Indie Rock or Pop and mostly, not really getting away over their Stoner Rock influenced or the evolving Goth-tinged of Americana land heritage ala-carte symphonic like the early nineties Midwest Alt-Rock composes.
Semi-acoustic, Rock N’ Roll deliberating to hollow stargazing distorts infamous tricks covering most of the tracks recorded there on the listed titles; Everywhere Waltz, Words, The Lane to Outside and 11:32 lining-up awaits to play out loud as the sun sets on the far horizon.

Maui Tears: