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Frigid Bitch (Shattered Man Records 2015)

   Leave your firewood outpost and facing west as suddenly, a small sounds turned slowly familiar and louder from that direction; bring you the early message on the warning sign for the infectious Traditional Doom Metal music brought by the wind, performed by the metallic Doomsters trio out of Houston, TX and then, clearly – you realized that Project Armageddon comes riding just like the four horsemen and bring disaster right onto you and the presence of surroundings.
   Like a curse of the Black Plague within sorrow, doomed themes and death all in one by “Doomstress” Alexis Holland on bass and leading female vocals, Raymond Matthews behind the drum-set and guitarist Brandon Johnson releasing this set-piece of the third recording from Project Armageddon – Cosmic Oblivion portraying whether perhaps – goddess Hera or Valkyrie waiting on the entrance of valhala or Olympus as the blaring tracks of doomy delicious and heavier slow thumps from the instrumental epic opener Cosmic Crush to Vortex of Oblivion to Lost Forever above four minutes by duration each as well as the acoustic version tunes or the live recording one shall definitely giving your day a cloudy bargain to re-captured your attention towards deathly hallows interest … 

This moment is an epic pit-stop where Mercyful Fate decided to collaborates with Saint Vitus.

Cosmic Oblivion: