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Fried Egg 11 (Kill Rock Stars 2010)

   Comprising for Hannah Lew Lillian Maring and Raven Mahon; experimenting their ideas and music for the more flexible spontaneous dribbles in the realm scene off Alternative Rock/Lo-Fi seminal speed on Soft-Core allegiance with Hannah playing bass, organ and vocals to Raven’s guitar performance and Lillian drumming recorded by Alex Yusimov for Indie Rock show and the blowing sicken of monstrosity album number two here Past Time really carried most of thus harmonic weirdness, funny collaborative Pop-tunes and a vinyl that would ruin your entire weekend for its capacity on being combust by the way these girls having a good time with themselves rather than wanted to know about how boys like you would felt for their musical recording. Daily roadie tricks and themes might be possible to have and listen not too damn carefully via Shadow, Uncertain Memory, Give Me Shapes, Old Disguise and Landscape or Strangers Come – rarely most shocking fuel for ears but farther from that (yet) …

The girls loved to messing with their songs because they’re writing it themselves and they’re smart !

Past Time: