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Freak On Been (Bandcamp 2017)

Led by two founders – Dave Wyles and Marc Corp from London – Ontario later on seems to you that these funky Rock N’ Roll, new-Pop and Alternative Rn’B musicians may looking like some kind of advantages tribute group for The Blues Brothers by the casual suits they’re wearing now but further seems forever and not closely resemblance to that subjects; Hybrid Monster is a cool creative rockers whom digging their roots a bit deeper and blending those quench of your musical thirst by releasing this joint for a Rockin' Wheel album performance in adjustment for the likes of Classic old Rock records and Lenny Kravitz disguising as Jimi hendrix minus the experiences crew and forming this newer teaming up and high techniques band variously combining almost everything you’ve heard before since the nineties to beyond including toasts of good Rn’B grooves or Alt-Country in mid-tempo distortions. 

Listen for Dark Dark Place, Why You Do, Get On It, Jamaica and Thousand Years as well as Family Farm with your girls and your momma and your neighbors wife turning aroused and dance like a stripper in half-naked looks or those fine fine position to invite you to go bang and make love up the washing machine. 

Rockin' Wheel: