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Francis Warrior (Twilight Zone Records 2005)

Heavy Metal aus (West) Germany which is lead by the ferocious female singer – Jutta Weinhold with her compatriots as like Claus Reinholdt, Jimmy Durand, Tatch or Tony Carey or Gunnar Heyse can be a strong structure as an answer for the legitimate business long before held tight by another Deutschland Heavy Metal champion and female led-group Warlock with Doro as the queen but through the next generation of louder music and fantasy, folklore tales and epic symphonies momentum closer to blasting Zed Yago a little more towards the peak grabbing the throne for Heavy Metal as the music off the band sounded slicing wilder, deliciously flexible and good pointing for a head-banger listening time pleasure as the third recording album on The Invisible Guide still standing stronger with Jutta’s unique vocals and the binge bass-lines to the high-pitched electrifying solo to the drumming blasts written the thirteen tracks which mostly rocking like the ex-enseble taken back to gule into good songs from the B-Side sampling of Def Leppard meets Gamma Ray or Judas Priest mid-toned blends with heavier day where The Scorpions wanted to make more Hard Rock songs shall be the descriptions for Zed Yago mighty music here.
The Fear in Your Eyes, Seven Seas, To The Top of The Mountain, Don’t Stop Me Now or If I Close My Eyes Forever will infinitely commanding you to raising those horns higher !

The Invisible Guide: