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Fragile Redemption (Columbia 2001)

   Aching, fully tears, beseeching for any answers or just quietly asking oneself about how on earth a horror tragedy struck but thankfully by the might and will of some non-opportunist musicians may turning those sorrow and dreadful nightmares onto a brighter hope which could be heard through the dense of dry leaves or empty dusty streets or another dimension where peace dwells across thus plain vast richest land and the proudest nation on the planet trying to held its head high again.
V. A America: A Tribute To Heroes will displaying the spirits of the true citizenships of the states unite as one not just because Obama may longing to become “the first man” later as predicted or the sins of the previous presidential office but ask the famous names like Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, U2 or Faith Hill come together as a power to breaks the barricade that haunts, torturing and entrap the relations between men into suspicious and blind hatred within music and cultural understanding established by Pop sounds in many genres.
   As the legendary tracks comes back to live on performances - Imagine sang by Neil Young, I Won’t Come Back Down (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers), Enrique Iglesias brought Hero as Alicia Keys harmonically calls the prayer upon Someday We’ll All Be Free as well with more artists collaborating or gave their strength via lyrics and themes to encouraging people of America to wake up again and build back My City of Ruins to There Will Come a Day, spiritual shouts calls via Walk On followed by New York State of Mind (Billy Joel) to the newer rock-head such as Limp Bizkit with John Rzeznik and Eddie Vedder to Sherly Crow to Bon Jovi and Dixie Chicks to Celine Dion and Willie Nelson. A great touring concerts benefits to all whom being lost, losing someone, saved or being a savior and witnessing the terror and the causes that day.