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Fox Radiation (Beluga/Ghost Highway 2016)

   It’s obviously, fucking fits for any Motorhead or The Runaways fanatic fans on listening to heavily influenced by Punk-Rock and early Thrash Rock to biker’s anthems and brawls on bars in between the shades of thicker Black Flag meets Betty Blowtorch and Devo being punched by Status Quo and Bratmobile, Poison Idea and so on.
   Night Terror from Stockholm-finest Heavy Rock scene presented themselves as Johnny Terror, Perry Terror, Jake Terror and female lead singer Janne Elfsten opening their blasting package of rocking punk gifts via this self-titled with Glamor, She Kill or Stab Me and Bomb Raid to Muscle Man may definitely crushing the front row spectators just in minutes since the group started to vomiting their raw Rock n’ Roll faster speeding and angry as the creepy souls on all hallow’s eve as you might compare them. 

Cracking drum plays, screaming foxy femme-angst like everyday’s in yeah yeah yeahs or you might having broken bones after this show of force.

Night Terror: