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Fotoricordo (Bandcamp 2014)

Credited must be added higher to this Art-Rock musicians for their efforts to continuing what Italy used to and already given us and the world – a good performance of Pop-Rock artistic by Zucchero while this time around; we’ve being served with these good, funny and fully appreciated music mixing that performed by names like Emanuele Di Meco (drums), Matteo Giancristofaro (composer/leader) as well as Amedeo Bolleta (bass), Piergiorgio Sorgetti (guitars) as well as Nicola Ceroli, Pamela Testa, Luisa Polidoro and Emanuele Marfisi (vocals) as good people who can manage to composing and arranging simple but not too cheesy music to play here on the recording session of I Missili (the group) called – Le Vitamine. Truly, the branding sound of most southern European or just exactly – Italia style of Indie-Pop or Tropicalia musical project which not torturing you on cloudy days but fits for silly romance lunch-time or scooter riding on the outskirt of town with your love. A Bastonate (with sticks), Dio Romano (Roman god), Una Grande Tribu (a large tribe) to Ci Vorrebbe Un Coltello (it would take a knife) came in characterized and raw – very Italian-Pop in style but yet again – funny to listen as one pleased.

Le Vitamine: