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Fortunate Son (Atlantic/Warner Bros. 2016)

   Intelligence officer Amanda Waller’s plan-b of saving the world from the pre-apocalypse caused by the government top-secret project right during the time of Superman’s death aftermath story of recruiting the new task force team x comprising on the band of dangerous criminals from the Belle Reve Prison prison led by Rick Flag and his troops and the “scumbags” such as Captain Boomerang Killer Croc, Deadshot, pyro-kinetic gangster El Diablo and of course, Joker’s lunatic sexy girlfriend – Harley Quinn. As the ancient witch figure named Enchantress is on the loose and broke her cursed brother to be released back alive helping her demonic plot to ruling the world like they used to be powerful gods hundred thousand years ago.
   Directed by David Ayers and Steven Price did the soundtrack composing and compiled for the album for Suicide Squad starring several great names from Will Smith, Jay Hernandez, Jared Leto to the hottie girls: Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne did the high-risky missions over business for their freedom if succeeded as the principals, the powerful threat and the job-well done didn’t quite manage because of the lack shortly out of ideas for the prolong of plot and the audiences might not be liking this first installments except perhaps, the too many scene showing Harley Quinn’s great curves matches her insanity laugh and attitudes. 
   The great characters might meet the entire of various artists performance on Suicide Squad: The Album as the shows going own with the background songs delivers from Lil Wayne/ Wiz Khalifa/Imagine Dragons with X Ambassadors, Logic and Ty Doll $ign via Sicker For Pain, Purple Lamborghini (with Rick Ross) off Skrillex playful opener onto Standing in The Rain (with Mark Ronson and Dan Auerbach) by Action Bronson, Skylar Grey’s Wreak Havoc, Eminem in Without Me, Grace/G-Eazy on You Don’t Own Me as well as Kehlani, WAR, Grimes and Panic! At The Disco completing the lists – mixing the whole old classic and new beats into one team – getting ready to saving the world rather than messing it up like usually done by most of these bad guys (and girls).