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Flight 828 (We Put Out Records 2005)

Old-School Emo-Hardcore persistence musical products from the late nineties trend which almost wiped out the entire planet after the hysteria waves of Grunge, Ska-Punk and Alternative Rock given most of the opening doors for the bands like Stretch Arm Strong to shines but not for long. But at least, anyway these bunch of Pop-intended rocking unit can keeps your wealthy pocket a run out and the imperfect of independency turning to disaster plague considerable by the Heavy Metal community for rock music unhealthy trends – still you cannot stop yourself from listening to some of the best choices Emo-Rock had to offers to the world. Chris McLane, David Sease, Jeremy Jeffers, John Barry and friends might jumping crazy off the stages for the whining unwell pleasure of your satisfaction being heard and encouraging by the new kinds of way trying to stay positive in lyrics or themes and smiles cause you might finding them through Stretch Arm Strong’s Free At Last which actually – predicts the moment to dim-out as well for the Southern Californian crew.
Listen to The Sound of Names Dropping, Hearts On Fire, Every Last Minute, Landslide or Faces; with their double drumming pedals ruiner or heavy riffs injections – nothing seems to be impossible to happen.

Free At Last: