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Firetruck Rescue (Varese Sarabande 2011)

   John Erick Dowdle directing this thrilling, scary and more suspense movie based on M. Night Shyamalan written materials for an unpredicted moment not suitable for thus whom having claustrophobic treatments or those whom already having that since childhood – as the story about people being trapped on a stuck elevators as these five strangers to each-other begun their anything but non-ordinary ride inside the office tower somewhere in the middle of daily activity on Philadelphia.
The trapped passengers expected not to but have to reveals most of their darkest secrets or transgressions as being – picked one by one to facing this frightening events occurs in annoyance of terror, mutilated and gory sessions of murderous act realizing that their not alone inside the elevator but then, found out that Lucifer itself just playing with their lives and decided to choose whose stay and who’ll going to die dreadfully. 
Speaking voice about that the devil sometimes seeking sinned individuals on earth and taking itself a human form as this cynics of all evil reacts picked an uncertain placed to assure it happens unexplainable abruptly as presence unknown to be traced. Jacob Vargas, Chris Messina, Jane O’Hara, Logan Marshall-Green or Bokeem Woodbine are the casts for this frightening film with many mysterious dead sometimes in a gory ways for the audiences to see as the soundtrack for this Devil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) composed by Fernando Velazquez carried the most Electronic, Stage & Screen to Modern Classical scoring instrumental music for sending the horrible taste of scary sounds to your brain via the hearing sense within the tracks like The City, Rosary, Jesus in a Pancake, The Mechanic, Blood on The Ceiling or The Accident as the twisting tales of mystic and horror seems not to stop and making others like the officers or the tower attendances confused to dealing on finding answers on all of these horrific events happening in front of their own eyes until then … Concluded in bloody scenes.