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Feastwar Blade (Not On Label 2012)

   Worcester – Massachusetts Speeding Power Metal crew consisting of Carmine Blades – vocals, Mike Bones – bass, Hel and Eli Firicano on guitar departments and Derek Jay – drums; throwing their infamous music project under the courageous name that you might wanted to remember next – Seax.
   As these metallic maniacs truly bursts into flaming aspects and themes and everything metals from every directions, blending the Thrash and Heavy Metal like the lightning bolts struck down earth or your face hard as dangerous for this debut album entitled High On Metal which means business and necessary chaos for those fanatics to liking them and blasting those tracks of wicked hellish wars of the unholy against the religious bitchin’ community through the anthems like Molten Iron, Carry The Torch, Livin’ Above The Law, Metalhead and Need For Speed.
   As the riffs getting brutal, the chords really slashing and the crazy music making you head-bang like the victim for insanity; please, considered not to do violence without a reason.

Find one and do it to your most hateful chosen one to pick as your first victim to attack, pals !!!

High On Metal: