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Farther From (Dine Alone Records 2017)

   Julia Doiron take-off with her main ideas for keeping the Indie-Pop distorted rocks and alive as the making sounds for recording seems having no obstacle for her and the band  calls as Julie & The Wrong Guys as for those whom liking softer version of Veruca Salt or Letters To Cleo or Lisa Loeb or even Juliana Hatfield may also loves to have this band around your stereo and through this self-titled recording compositions; everyone shall witnessing the elemental non-judging conditions for how a good Alternative Rock in Pop basic should be sounded alike on the stereo. Julie & The Wrong Guys (Eamon McGrath, Jaye R. Schwarzer and Mike Peters rolling the musical like smothering thunders after the short autumn rain and the effective tamed noises of softer distortions might going catchy than just making your head-banging . 
Artistic cover and a list of songs via You Wanted What I Wanted, Condescending You, Heartbeats and Tracing My Own Lines filled with total melodies or solos or chords and fine riffs that you thought this might be a female version for Foo Fighters in sudden the group starts rocking out and continues. 

Two thumbs up on Hope Floats !