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Ethnocide Wave (Self-Released 2015)

   Occurring just like the younger brother of angst from the same clan as Entombed straight in grinding Death Metal N’ Roll astonishing bursts of fury and deranged ill-fated news theme carried onto their darkest brutal beats of the drumming fast, heavier riffs, Anachist and anti-society to pro-devastated earth heading to doomsday as you might getting prepared while having this album off Humanhostbody group off Koper, Slovenia came as the whiter and ex-Eastern Europe section version of Black Panther movements via Severe Collapse – this time in a saber-tooth form of creature logo. Still searching for a label to have them in but never surrender to reacts and punching the face of the world several times like by these tracks from the record like Sum of Anger, Leviathan, Storms To Come, Sankcije, Only The Fools pt.II or Otvorimo Oci – moshing the pit and forcing the audience to bleed as they’re jumps and broke their nose or arms following the set where extreme sounds can’t be brought down to stop or shutting down !

Severe Collapse: