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Endwalker Sleep (Independent 2017)

One maybe woke up from the last night useless sleep or some other’s rather to open their eyes but thus Folk-Pop songs keeps annoying those whom feeling restless to the bone trying to find a small piece of heavenly peace through this pathetic life only to find that lies swirling like a giant black hole surrounds you.

Listening to the tunes like Bizarre comes in for three minutes and forty-nine seconds; really deliberating hearts and may healing wounds with the good performance and soft vocals from the trio of the band – Goo; Beck Zegans (guitar, vocals), Sam Friedman (drums, vocals) and Bram Wollowitz (bass, vocals) with special guests appearance and not only those lamb herds on the front cover but something deeper like the entrance of an introduction for Dark Side of The Goo type of message or commanding but again – you will love this Pop Alternative little hugs from our Middletown – Connecticut’s sophomore indie group with the entitled album: Under The Electric Blanket.