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Endorampage (Meat Hook Butchery 2013)

   And then you might turning as well into a flesh-eating humanoid as the primitive instinct comes back and rules over your modern civilized head right when the turning point in life has the offer like a starting line for harsh noise project dedications for thus movies theme about people consuming other people with purposes.
A quick evolving HNW style for massacre and get eaten alive via these manufactured insane Noise-Music and raw thoughts about how tasty human flesh would become when it’s time for you to feast for them or being the food for indigenous tribes dwelling some parts of that damned jungle somewhere on the other side of the world like Brazillia or Borneo or else. Disturbance as truly not to be prolong on discussing with the victims or the left-behind but the perfect thing your might wanted to do right now is to stop the music from playing as your head and ears begin to shattered and the images of female victims being cut open or slowly tortured and mutilates with even the smiling dirty teeth off the old ones and the children waiting their turn to eat or the gang-raped rituals before dinner served may exactly what Cannibal Ritual’s Return of The Shamatari building project purpose is really all about. 
Blood spilling, screaming drowned under the excessive sonic noise tenure as fear level going overloaded and your chest cut open in pain but you still breathing to see and quick death won’t saving your ass this time but being consumed materials for them. Key tunes: Hunting The Swamps, Bizarre Rituals and Prey.