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End Credits (La-La Land Records 2009)

   From the start-up of opening which shows how the little children ended up directly dead by tortures with candy slits a throat to the decorated mutilated body incorporated must be regarded that this anthology of horrific terror by the eve of All Hallows directed by Michael Dougherty divided as the audience entering the dark-side ride by bicycle or on walks through the entire small town which being stalked on its darkest corner by the creepy-looking orange pajamas figure wearing a pumpkin-head sack boy called Sam. Not  really surprising that The Principal can react differently to poisoning children who comes to his house for candy or beheading them for no reasons but hate; Steven Wilkins and his son Billy are looking at each other after deceiving their neighbor and killing other kids smiling. Severed heads or the old folklore horror story like The School Bus Massacre Revisited showing again how reality comes and turning out the hoax into something really scary just like the dreadful experience the local legend undead drowning victims on the swampy bottom of a quarry just to proving that the story is fake. As the tricks or treats may turning to horrible death for curious children peeing themselves wet running for survival the hungry creature as the Surprise Party allegedly turns one fate onto other’s bloodiest death while watching the progress in horror; the soundtrack for this American horrific scoring composed by Douglas Pipes really gripping your guts to the edge of the white flag for sure but if you can handling it until the end – there’s chances that you will be haunted by the dead souls whom being killed on this movie instead, next year. Little Red Riding Hood turning to female Werewolf biting the filthy principle or the mysterious figure of a Jack-O-Lantern boy stalking the scenery during the movie followed by the essential tracks of instrumental of stage screen scoring not only eerie but terrifying scares through the moment you Meet Charlie, Meet Rhonda, The Elevator/Laurie on The Prowl, Halloween Prank, Old Mr. Kreeg to The Bus Driver or It’s Halloween Not Hannukah; might given the audience something for the nightmarish weekdays after watching the film alone or together.

There’s nothing impossible for seeing them yourself – whether you lived or die after a conclusion …

Trick R Treat OST: