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Elohe Sebaot (Not On Label 2011)

   With the members with real names like Mattias Jarlhed, Jonas Hallberg, Daniel Faldt and Stefan Renstrom as well as the formers either as a quartet or trio and Progressive Rock musical is what these Sweden rock musicians had chosen to make themselves heard by the audiences or being attracting to invites more of the listeners onto their music. Naming themselves as Simon Says as common as possible and simple as it seems but once one hearing their music performance – the entire perspective changed easily like seeing a floated naked female on the shallow ocean refreshing the exact predictions on holy goddess mother earth’s breathing pulse there under the titled track-lists album from the band’s latest catalogs – Siren Songs. If you love Queen and Dream Theater and Yes and of course, wanted to try-out how The Greatest Gift flowing like invisible liquid as well as Needle’s Eye, Battles, Becomes a Boy or As The River Runs (Swedish Version) to Frozen Time as keyboardist or bass and vocals performing by Stefan Renstrom, drummer duty being well-done did by percussionist Mattias Jarlhed, guitarist department conquers by Jonas Hallberg and lead vocals performs by Daniel Faldt whom also precisely making more digital/modern characters via the sensible recording there.

Well, Prog-Rock comes smoother standard as your slushy drinks that stopping the time as it started.

Siren Songs: