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Dutch Flying Sea (Brennus Music 2009)

   Saint Etienne – France exported Progressive Rock companion by the name of Weirdland based on their themes chosen with the hesitation for heroic fantasy, middle ages or Indo-European folklore  and myths independently did a good works which combines them with the band’s Speed Metal and Melodic Power Metal colossus tempos comprising of Patrick Jungrichter (vocals, guitars), Thierry Delvaux (drums) and Thierry Ventura (bass, vocals, keyboards) whom brought these imaginations collage for their releasing of the record called Fragment s of Time as seven tracks divides the every different stories which concluded as they’re relates one another. Forsaken Crusaders, The Last of Dragonmen, Nebulys: A Trip into The Unknown, The Ghosts of The Spanish Castle (instrumental) or Asymmetric Reflections of Life really could raising your anxiety for glory of heavy Metal or insane guitar solo plays by performance.

As the dreamy soil and nightmarish adventures become one attached.

Fragments of Time: