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Dryad’s Moon Oath (Dark Age Productions 2016)

   Eerie dark shadowy figure under the hooded mantle seems to looking scary, mystique and mysteriously, staring at you while your body cannot move a muscle; asking questions about what or who is that would be ? An evil spirits or the wiser wizard might be a tricky option but the aliases for Josh Cook or Bard Algol Eriboas may magically turned onto this primitive Ritual music project issuing himself as Cernunnos Woods.
   As he brings the compilations of the works entirely on years within Forest Anthology, spreading the spells and chants praising the dark and the light ones – of gods and goddesses above and down below. As the Electronic Ambient of Darker-Wave and Dungeon-Synth ruling the atmosphere for the audiences would be sitting and patiently, listen to these delivering offers and mythical of the Folklore beliefs among pagans through the themed tracks like Return to Infra-Green, Horned is The Hunter, Echoes of Knowledge in Ancient Stone, The Imbolc Stag and Funeral March – all interfering and intriguing the common conservative senses not to believe this harmonic melodies coming from the hidden magic and ancient heritage long forgotten but lives forever as old as the planet herself. 

From Chaska - Minnesota Blessed Be The Season and The Harvest and The Upside to the Down-side; Blessed Be The Elements of Life. Blessed Be – Blessed Be …

Forest Anthology: