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Drivin’ Violence (Bludgeon Riffola 2014)

   Meet your new superb-group in coalition as Guy Griffin (The Quireboys), Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot and the rest of other of The Quireboys rockers: Keith Weir, Paul Guerin and Phil Martini making either a Def Leppard bluesy or The Quireboys with new Hair Rock singer as this project baptized as Down N’ Outz and beginning to work on their own materials and touring together; giving a chance to them not only releasing one but two records already to the market of rock music realm being so very happy to accept them not only for the UK but worldwide back again as those two previous legendary groups of themselves already in hiatus for long time even longer. The quite soft mixing between AOR, Rock N’ Roll to Bluesy Hard Rock partly never sounded this well since The Quireboys did themselves before and now with the second recording – The Further Adventures Of … it’s like a bunch of super-heroes come to saving the day or grab a chick or just making a surprising moment for the Rock World to cheering out again.
   Following thus fine taste for slow-burning oiler themes as the old ages trying to captures Rock N’ Roll but still fails; as proven here that you will definitely rocking yourself out listening to the awesome writings and collaborations of making good music and groovy on piano and singing via Rock and Roll Queen, Marionette, Stiff Upper Lip, Whizz Kid, One of The Boys and The Journey – just a good to be true next stepping plan for Joe Elliot’s Down N’ Outz to keeping their co-working moves on and maybe the success for them won’t be ending cheap – as for themselves and the fans …