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Dragooning Exile (Drop Dead Records)

   Let your ears being roasted by the spitting dealer on how this heavier fuzzing sounds of the Stoner Metal, Doom and Sludge conspiracy awaken in full power via Duckhunters (the group) of a quartet from Brest, France as Manu (chant), Guillaume (guitars), Isidore (bass) and Alain (drums) giving you the collections of their own lists for liking crew – Stonebirds, Stromb, Jackhammer or Tranzat and the interesting riffs and clashing chords comes as maddened as ecological disaster to the planet – threatening. As chaos reign and greater nations at war; Introduction to Extinction or Killer Croc, The Road and Hands of Doom would be your favorite themes for apocalypse to come as we are waiting sincerely, afraid and shaken but still enjoying the pleasure for Extinction Road’s head-bang and rock tunes from up the hill of loud factory; right before things shut – for good !

Extinction Road: