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Dr. Butcher M.D (Bandcamp 2012)

   So whether he is related to the infamous serial killer like that scumbag is his own grandpa or sumthin’ but Daniel Dahmer is a freaking good rapper whose created his own Eminem-tinged Horror show themes right from the dungeon of his dark basement camp onto this digitalized version album called Theatre of The Macabre as the story continues within the dazzling sounds of a chainsaw, packs of psychos to the clown killah, monstrous beings and the ring leader ready to begin his own freak-shows with you as the main victim.
For those who loves Insane Clown Posse, Cypress Hill’s haunted house version or celebrating Halloween without candies but mutilating bonuses as you luring your prey right on the deadly spot of night to your underground place experimentally free-stylin’ on Hip-Hop, Rap/Punk Retro and Detroit’s finest scare-contests here within Last House on The Left, Creepshow, Brain Dead, Love Killed Me, Ronald McDonald or Richard Pryor (Freebase) shout-out anthems of murderous; you have exactly – come to the wrong crafty place at the right swag-time !

Theatre of The Macabre: