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Dorian Day (Scratch Records 1986)

Stronger Than Heaven – the third efforts from the Heidenheim, Germany of the seventies late group on behalf of its Heavy Metal scene that time; as Alexander Schmidt or Andy Muck and Jurgen “Wanschi” Wannenwetsch or Micha Kasper and Stoney Stoner or Volle Schmietow would be some of the names attached to the long expanding carrer in diabolus musica threats as Thrash Metal and Speed Metal deliberates Stormwitch from just being a lame AOR rock band and since the eighty-six era where the group released that witches gaining the number of three as representing the energetic youth, middle age prosper and olden days wisdom by occult-beliefs as the sexy women proclaiming the title as a disbelieving over the church and dumb religious acts but witchcrafting as the chants in metallic heavier already been sang. Aloud and proud and looking good with evil themes like Eternia, Ravenlord, Jonathan’s Diary or Slave to Moonlight which signing the related story on folklore to novels; vampire to werewolf and the mysterious which never been solved before are here among the smoking potions of love and hate inflicted as poison.

Stronger Than Heaven: