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Dominance Submission (Agonia Records 2016)

From Thoth left these two metal-heads forming another project of deathly terror group of Death metal music; Jontho the drummer and bassist Jerv whose also recruiting vocalist Thyme and guitarist Rym for the demoing jams and more materials provided independently as experienced the rough new path via the almost every sinlge underground and small venue of Death metal bars and skids to the Oslo street bar sharing their stage with Old Man’s Child, Dimmu Borgir or Atanatos etc, playing The hellraiser Festival in Leipzig and releasing some brutal audio recordings to this newer one from your Polish-ed murderous band – Ragnarok for Psychopathology.
Displaying their sense of direct violence towards Satanism, occults and blood-bathing rituals summoning and realm from the dark side dimension over I hate, Heretic, Into The Abyss, Where Dreams Go To Die and The Eight of The Seven Plagues – releasing the most blasphemous curses to the world of devastating metallic sound wave …