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Dog Fight (House Of Rock 2010)

   Your favorite new project for the owner of Rock N’ Roll with the Twist touches ruling the dance-floor and the audiences of old and young shall be crazily dancing and kissing and doing as the party goes on all night long back in time to the vintage days of the sixties and seventies where this might sounded like a time-travelling story fake and made-up but actually, The Twistaroos is a real group forming by several semi-legendary rock-heads off the Scandinavian/Norwegian area like Andre Dahlmann, Morten Henriksen to Vibeke Saugestad comes back with a more delighted almost insane teasing toward the manic medium tempos for the blending on Garage Rock, Soul, Twist and Funk as being established for song-writing, musical arranging and tracks composing over the debut recording together here over Twisted! 
Everyone shall overwhelmed knowing that old music never out of date and may lived forever as long as thus old rockers or the new generations keeps on developing their style but never stop looking back and mixed thus ingredients just like most of them also loved The Ramones’ Punk Rock legacy as well. Everybody Say Hey!, (Let’s Go) Where The Action Is, The Chase, Chills and Fever, I Like It Like That to Animal Instinct right down onto I May Never Get To Heaven perhaps, keeping in mind that Rock – no matter how softer the form would become shall always being a rebel to the establishment society point of views and pressures. 

Grab a partner and jump-off and yell a happy shout-out !