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Dixie Sick Word (Not On Label 2017)

   The band members are actually among friends as the ideas for gathering the powerful grooves of Southern Rock and Hard Rock techniques started to take controlling as the results may hit the jackpot as the group gaining their original materials which written and arranged altogether by guitarist Seawolf Dee with Ocean Ford on bass guitar, Mike O’Clock on rhythm guitar, Danny Vondirtbag behind the drum-set and female vocalist Lauren Banshee not only loved to drinking sweet tea in the afternoon and since then – Piston Ready formed. Within this Scat Pack ’68 drivin’, rollin’, crashin’ and long waited full length by their small fanatic fans just a good fuckin’ straightforward Rock N’ Roll in your face; a little LA guns flavored to deep fried Southern drip and of course, Motor City sounds making the steel pedal or the metal clashing into and tires smoking blacked smoke while the noisy speeding is non-arguable favorite as fuck for the rednecks and the audience loving Nascar or Indie500 getting this album as a better soundtrack for facing the danger of risky business on car racing and living daily on the Southern parts of the states. 
Slamming the road blocks with (The Legend of) White Thunder, Hammerhead, Breakdown and Hot Action; where long solos are god’s will and standard bass-lines and sensual vocals leads to sins are affordably – legal there !

Scat Pack '68: