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Ditmars Rid (Furious Hooves 2016)

   Recorded, mixed and mastered by Blake Luley – this Seattle, WA’s Dream-Pop/Shoegaze/Ambient/Indie Rock band named Rainwater could be one hell of an option for anyone whose searching too long for a good newer performers whose honestly making their own characters for musical brand not trying to copy the latest trends just like Rainwater (band) that consisting of Aviva Stampfer (voice), Patrick Curry (drums, percussions), Charlie Rudoy (drums), Clare Plunkett (cello), Dane Zarra (additional guitar), Neil Achrya (saxophone) and Zubin Hensler (trumpet) loathing their performances on Swimming In Sunlight as the visible shake-hand with intimacy or personal journey through darker wild arming yourself with much love and acceptance with handful of counting years, charting ups and downs to revelations of self-righteousness fighting the common threats of making ordinary songs but oddly sounding beautifully greater and melodious as saxophone kept its sensual taste or the rhythmic of pouring rainy on keyboards and harmony vocals and six-strings available tight within anxiety, breakable or loss of faith themes enhanced through Blackberry Pie to Lonesome You; A Reason to Leave onto Dead Frogs; Thundercloud or Out of Focus to Love Glow. Advising the guilt and the misusing minds or feelings to be stronger again.

Swimming In Sunlight: