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Distance A Bit Let (Carpark Records 2017)

Used to be known as the show of D. May or Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele and already releasing his three times recording album so far but now – one might wanted to taste the most classic effort being written, composed and arranged by this man who looks like the different straight version of Elton John as the music may becoming a hard reminder on the early works of Sir Elton’s Rock N’ Roll recordings and hits with his Electronic Rock mixed with Synth-Pop pleasure and distinctive nasal vocals over the forth recording on Across The Multiverse and sparkling towards the song-lists with Hello Cruel World, Picture On A Screen, Dream 4 Me, Take Me to Heaven and 90210 as delivering his own individual type of re-thinking spontaneous but also twice and planned as the album sounding pretty sweet, honky tonky kinky and famously, for sells as Pop culture waiting for things like this rather than boring regular tunes on Billboard.

Across The Multiverse: