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Diarmaid Brereton (Bandcamp 2016)

Best Friend, Carnivorous George, Livin’ On A Farm, Gold Coast Girls or Satanic Conversion perhaps, shall giving us the sightings about the truly colors of the group from Melbourne doing their experimental Alternative grungy New Wave Rock in Progressive acts when one had a good moment to listen for Eighty-Seven Billion Fighter Jets – not imagining the bombardment of Syrian refugee area or towns but the hollow graphic bigger than the adjustment for killing many with bombs but sharing thoughts and musical ideas via compositions of weirdness riffs, power-odd tempos and distortion of free movements to blasts the stereo in an honest moment for mankind.
Relaxing yourself to have a strange time with the satisfaction crew of Aussie’s Disco Puppets: Zak (low end shreds with high class taste), Jenny (beat smasher doggie), Karl (jangle mcguitarist) and Kunz (the stylish vocals inspiration) raging in smile on seminal Nirvana meets Mudhoney track-listed for Scrabble, Jonny Brown and Waverly Park.