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Deconstruct Rituals (Bandcamp 2017)

   Five-piece came out by their aggressive tenure performance from Nashville, Tennessee as an outfit that puts their liking high-level of violent sounds mix between Emo-Screamo and Heavy Rock to Hardcore punishments onto the music that produced in progressive simplicity and the female lead singer stays obviously amazing as you know them now as She The Killer which consisting of Sam – drums, Katy – vocals, Josh – guitars, Bradford – guitar and Andy – bass/vocals by force of nature slamming through to your sound system swirls with their recording session on this self-titled release.

Meet your punchy tracks there that would giving you damn bruises in loud volume: 1,000 Disguises, Stalemate, Crop Circles or Blackwater – may hardly undeniable to head-bang heaven ! 

She The Killer: