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DEC. Stems (Warp Records 2009)

Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Smiles coming in for about only shorter than just fifty one seconds and the following song off Hairy Faces (Stress) went like a slight flash news on about only thirty-six seconds as you keeps going on listening to Parachute Panador longing for only one minute and three seconds to NoNo just blinked off thirteen seconds might recognizing how the theme chosen to expressing Guillermo Scott Herren’s sympathy or ideas or protests upon music as a producer moving towards Atlanta, Barcelona to NYC and beyond that; led these instrumental mixtures of sounds of Electronic divided on Leftfield, Down-tempo or Hip-Hop tunes as an impressive payback time for mother nature closely made humanity a little closer to extinctions as the trees growing stranger, rocks grown bigger solid and mankind explorer finding themselves surrounded by the algae greenie fields sucking their oxygen out – producing more carbon-dioxide to poisoning the biology lives.
Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian album by Prefuse 73 would be a project of nearly perfect experience via experiments of more than enough tracks and tales behind thus acknowledge titles such as Sexual Fantasy Scale, Fountains of Spring, Whipcream Eyepatch to Regalo and Four Reels Collide. 
Technically, sounded like the mechanism of a mechanical machinery have taken over the ruling class from human beings since the giant computer reign towards the internet correctional.