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Debt of Guilt (VisiSolum Productions 2016)

Don’t be too confusing on the behalf for having CB Murdoc; your newest Stockholm’s Hardcore Metal with their twisted Prog-Rock company profiling on as the six-piece of band described there within the sour death-based themes to wrote down inked by Carl-Gustaf Backstrom with Fredrik Boethius, Johan Ljung and Thomas Hellgren in their own violent moves as high techniques and brutal bashing speeding hellish tempos gathering with thus more complicated Metal-Core like eruptions on this modern day experimenting parts of Death Metal manic on Here Be Dragons.
Don’t get too damn hesitate to turn of your recording too quickly but listen a bit longer and you might find the essential true motions among those tracks of extra extreme passions via the songs of hatred of anti-artificial and pure technology dominance and bothering objects really fits to be piled up onto the excellent complex music of metallic made of Sweden today. Do the Rage Enabler, The Violence of Illumination to Everything is Going to be OK and Brood of Roaring Fires as well as The Green; telling the world that destruction only makes another chain-reactions of bigger destructions like a circle of doomed by demon.

Here Be Dragons: