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Deadline Sadistic (Not On Label 2012)

   Even though the group have already decided to separating their ways and contributions but that won’t be a permanent one just like the last Conan’s heroic and epic journey without the finishing end and via that these Aussie’ Metal-Heads or you can say, “Speed-Metal Warriors” may sounding very fast, sharp and dangerous – they’d really devastating and harmful to any listeners that trying to have them and their album played on the stereo. Tight collision between lead solos, power drumming and sustainable bass-line and great epoch vocals to entertaining your thirsts over Speed Power Metal maniac of Sabretung are here be at least, not fake but forcible as the hero warrior alone crossing the sea of ice and fire and fighting the slayer wicked dwellers of the deep caves and underground well of the earth; the Heavy Metal is his weaponry and the recording is his conquest for glory.

An Offer of False Hope, Deadline, Endless Winter and The Return (Enthroned) have creating Martyr, Hedonistic and Merciless and Collision – the album had leading us to the new territory overruled and then, under the throne of bloody battles and greed; expanded. 

Doug, Yates, Mick or Jangles never forgetting to greet you to stay heavy !