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Daled Bavos (ViciSolum 2017)

If you like the collectible collections for Progressive Rock from the depth interpretations over Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac Jethro Tull to King Crimson of even Opeth then exactly – this package off Subterranean Masquerade for Golan Farhi, Kjetil Nordhus, Matan Shmuely to Or Shalev, Paul Kuhr and Shai Yallin and Tomer Pink making this recording number three as their latest mixing between all those techniques upon Prog-Rock to Folk Metal and David Bowie which a bit sounded like Dream Theatre’s Mike Portnoy in the excellent play in the damn good release of Vagabond (the album) by Golan on bass, Matan the drummer and of course, the keyboardist Shai returning their highest effort for a delighted place to shine in such an artistic tracks via Carousel, Kippur, Nomad and Waves.

Magnificent in the band’s every turning ways !