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D&D Mike (Pacific Ridge Records 2016)

   Hey, proof it to yourself - these Swedish Punk-Pop young army featuring Mike Anderson (bass, lead vocals), Marius Paxcow (electric guitar, lead vocals), Fredrik Johansson (drums) and Johan Tinebo (guitars) recording as arranged their newer album still carrying the effective interesting on Punk-Rock Pop Rock attributes tailing them through the record entitled - Murphy’s Law dragging those eleven tracks for the list. Harmony vocal shouts and fully fast repetitions on local theme to international messages in English lyrics including short simple solos to the hardest part one wished to inventing but these guys did it first ! Listen loudly not carefully for Brain’s All Gone, Imperfect, Miss Summer or Norma Jeane and Stronghold and don’t be afraid to avoid those old cops and the neighborhood patrols letting you run like rabbits then chasing you down or trying to cuff you hands, punching you with a hard cub – taking your boards and your freedom dignity because you didn't do any crime (for now).

Play the music loud, let Punk-Pop lives to see tomorrow again and keep The last Thing To Go !!!

Murphy's Law: