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Cross Blood Shot (Reprise Records 1990)

Not too well known among thus thousands of millions of AOR and Hair Metal groups that now can be really called “The Last Real Rock band” that closer to AC/DC’s Bon Scott-era to Hard Rock paradise which pops out more powerful solos, awesome riffs and magnificent chorus to sing-along with or air-guitaring until you exhausted with Brian Forsythe, Georg Dolivo, Reeve Downes or some other names whose already rocking in with Rhino Bucket and friends never really quits forever and one should believing it.
This self-titled album debut from them from the early nineties era truly can be presented as a monument or milestone-liked time-capsule for you truckers and party-goers living still on the nineties Hair Rock heaven through the rocking tracks like One Night Stand, Beg For Your Love, Train Ride to Going Down Tonight. 
Drink-up, make love and have a great head-banging hour – baby ! 

Rhino Bucket: