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Crawled Sea Out (Virgin 2008)

Having her mood changes for not following the British-roots of Folk/Pub songs in musical but more sounded like an American story-teller must be great start for Laura Beatrice Marling from Eversley – Hampshire doing her solo acts which filled with much appreciated music blending to make it looks beautifully standard but didn’t quite losing the taste between vulnerability and strength over the lyrics even though the music had been a polished mend off Indie-Rock, Folk-acoustic, Pop-Rock and World/Country-tinged but in a healthy kinds of way related. Via Alas I Cannot Swim probably, sending the innocence themes for not so being kindly aware to be ignored but leaving too soon without saying goodbye might cut the painful broken as wisdom wrapping pains in time and shining arts singing the glory of common daily bread searching and the meaning of simple life moments re-captured within her works and voice on The Captain and The Hourglass, Tap At My Window, Old Stone, Cross Your Fingers, Your Only Doll (Dora) to You’re Not A God perhaps, recorded to drove away Night Terror for some feminine consciousness needing for help to get rid of things like it.

Alas I Cannot Swim: