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Coward You Not (Voodoo Rhythm 2016)

   Gang of terrorizing massacre chainsaw of Garage Rock punkers playing their Rockabilly, Surfing or Blue-grass gazing on metallic thoughts problems from the colder parts of Bern, Switzerland – here comes The Monsters which terribly consisting of Swan-Lee, Janosh, Di Putto and Beat-Man Zeller as a quartet retarded crew for the band. Classics and chaotic might be a perfect words for describing them; don’t get fooled by the warmth sweater they wore or the friendly faces that day on the photo shoot sessions for the album because this newer one release would stabbing deeper and cut the innards while pulling out your guts from the inside with the combinations for Garage Rock, Punk, Rock N’ Roll and Blues Surf Pop and metallic-tinged sounds as fast as crazy dolphins on the horny mode for mating season on shallow water incident. Described insanity or debauchery loony-ness via the tracks presented by the band themselves written in blindfold and gagged conditions while the torturing noises releasing like arrows to the bull’s eye targets from this album called M to oblivion.
I Don’t Want You Anymore, Bongo Fuzz, I Can’t Stop, Baby You’re My Drug, Dig My Hair onto Let Me Spend The Night with Your Wife as well as Happy People Make Me Sick are definitely, the statements carried out from the asylum to the hell-hole at the gates ready to re-open and consuming your town !