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Corvette Bog (Hardly Art 2015)

Revivalist bundle of hissing Punk-Surf and the olden days vintage sounds of Garage Punk-Indie based on these trio out of Oakland, California re-touching their roots for the good days and beach lives and everything hallucinated and nice but never gets bored as well as comprising on Cody Blanchard, Ian Amberson and Shannon Shaw leading the group of three playing their infamous seminal music jerking via the latest releasing from themselves creations – still sounding approved and well-deserved to collectible by either old or youngster listeners completely melodic, harmonious and poplar by delicious taste to consumes as Gone By The Dawn feels like a sixties era recording rather than a modern pop one here as the mixture of Janis Joplin meets the Hispanic girl-group gangster soft touch with a ready rocking sessions may probably, giving everyone a great timing dance moment of their lives through the Swing, Jitterbug or simple rebellious prom-nite terrible moves via How Long ?, It’s Too Late, Telling Myself, I will Miss The Jasmine, Point of Being Right as well as The Burl or You Let Me Rust – tricky talks or questioning the unfortunate tales happening on the corner before weekend ends …

Gone By The Dawn: