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Converted Images (Independent 2005)

The Bielsko-Biala of Poland raising local group playing their roots of Heavy Metal cross-over mix with Hardcore, Thrash Metal or Alternative Rock for the life/metal music life-style and so on kinds of themes for this approval latest demo album made by them on Rat Race – Piotr “Pietia” Gniewek on bass, Guras the vocals/guitars, Daniel “Vutka” Dutka the drummer and Maciej “Gaua” Galczynski on guitars slashing their presence performance within these acts of head-banging and muscular tension of rhythms for destruction over music – metallic abusive tracks like Time Eater, Never Gonna Die, Ghost of Atomic Past to Deadly Ride must be a highlight for those whom like the younger Thrasher turning back to Metallica influences after Ride The Lightning but don’t be too damn shock listening for Shakira’s cover there on the closing as the band Under Forge performing – Eyes Like Yours.

Rat Race: