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Constant Outro (Bandcamp 2016)

Stopping the group from playing too much loveable cranking wrath on covering Pantera or Slayer or Metallica at first, these Dijon, France extreme Cross-Over on metallic circulations of head-bangs probably had nothing gin mind but stating the bitchy attitudes for not following Heavy Metal because this decade said to some of those youngling of horn-raisers everyone that this kinds of music – Thrash and Death Metal would destined to die soon right after the raising tide of Pop and the other transparent tracking bashers and swash-buckling the parade of hard music matches via The Hangfest. HangOver (band) consisting of Maxime Lieutet, Sebastien Ressencourt, Jonathan Biguet, Sylvain Macarez and Vincent Charneau are able to write down lyrics, composing music and the skills and techniques performance may be the main attractions for this group of angry Frenchmen to blast your stereo system back to the retard days as the stage and the highway are them. Best cuts manic should be: Nobody’s Life, Too bad, Timesick, Walking The Road, The Cliff’s Edge and Mr. Nice. Proving that HangOver is a real threat to the authority or being as loud as fast-fuck as they wanted to be.

The Hangfest: