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Cle Elum Capistrano (Eclipse Records 2007)

Tara Burke may being born as for it is her real name but praised that because of her other choice on disguising reality of state staging second coming rebirth as Fursaxa; the audience still got their addiction over the strange sounds format to be clearly lost – Alone In The Dark Wood positions and where Folk World experimental and Avant-Garde or Neo-Folk touch magically off the aura on mystic transcends slowly blossoming as the nurtured mother nature cries for the raping acts that committed several times without regrets by the surface dwellers known as mankind – had already broke her heart and souls, sending her hatred closely silent creeping out from the tree-skins and affecting thus respiratory senses of human system to kill them with stresses, over-populated problems and each-other differences. Traditionalist beats as well as deep Electro beats rambling like an invincible wave everyday as you didn’t realized it being told here as well as the other good news and folklore stories to spread to the last hoping generations whom still care enough to preserving. The involving causes and effects for every actions and reaction laws truly unavoidable and humanity sins need to be cleansing again as the reality been said via Drinking Wine in Yarrow, Black Haw, Nawne Ye, In The Hollow Mink Shoal, Rattling The Calabash to Birds Inspire Epic Bards are definitely an instrumental or voiceless messages sent from deeper of roots womb going up if any one listening.

Of Tubal Cain shall the insignificant figure avenging the pain-painted artworks arrive.

Alone In The Dark Wood: