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Circle Vicious (Konton Crasher 2014)

As opening about to tell to you the sickest plan or meaning horrible to society on thus Japanese writings 生、被害妄想、死 which means Raw, Paranoia, Death as well as 盲目願望 (Blind Desire) to 世界的核破壊 (World Nuclear Broken Huai) taken from the non-alibis and non-commercial for the anti-Pop culture front band whom actually, not coming from Japan like you might think they’re. (Paranoid) or 偏執症者/Paranoia is the Swedish Hardcore-Punk raw unit from Froson/Ostersund that consisting of Henrik Lasgardh, Emil Bergslid, Joakim Staaf-Sylsjo, Nils Landin and Ake Henriksson came brutally attacks most of your comforted society pleasures and releasing this semi-apocalyptic meets extreme metallic Japan Crust-beats which releasing faster and harder and written carefully in Japanese which can trick some thinking this was a Japon made group. 
Make a slicing surgery about Sid Vicious-looked alike figure here off Destroy Future Less System; the bashing sounds of protests and cynical spitting shouts may causing you a painful headache just like 腐敗と強欲 which screaming much about debasement/corruption/degradation and obsessed greed of mankind as you know it.