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Cheater Cheap Thrills (Scooch Pooch 2000)

   Orebro – Sweden answer for the greater Punk-Rock with their glamour side added there as well as you would love how the new inline format over Hair Rock and Glam Metal comes back to the scene via this genre of music camouflage and distrusting the debates over them; leaving the media to worshiping them back again because the world which once had enough with the term of sex, drugs and Rock N’ Roll cannot lived too long without them. When you naming those means that Rock N’ Roll needs a fresh blood like Punk Rock and the comeback won’t get sensational without the reigning claims from glamour sensibility and edgy riffs fast enough but never stop teasing the listeners ears to sing-along or loving the rebel aspects entirely different from the trendy shitty music today.
Henrik Wind, Johan Maelstrom, Lurgo Fransson, Magnus Hageras and Oswald Wolfbrandt of The Peepshows releasing their second and best records ever produced and sell onto the market; Mondo Deluxe had everything you needed to from a rebel yell music project – City of The Damned, 491, They Will (Not Mine), Turn Me On, No Excuses onto Indifferent, Aim to Cheat and Goodnight are releasing the higher energy for screaming and shouting and kicking in melodies while having the band on stage. 

Hard Rock, Punk and Raised devil horns up the air for this band !

Mondo Deluxe: