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Century City (Backyard Records 1994)

   You Got Lucky: A Tribute to Tom Petty surely isn’t going to be the last one and ain’t the first as well perhaps today but once you hearing those tracks of Classic Rock made and written by Tom and The Heartbreakers once and over again while the playing record on a stereo system or the loud-speakers might not telling you whose singing those songs yet until – you found out this recording yourself – like a sudden bad sadder news on television tells you that the righteous rocker man’s dead but definitely won’t ever be forgotten by thousand fans as the tears went down and the legendary tales comes back to be re-telling through generations; meet the few artists and rock bands who excellently united to give their honoring respect and will to re-covering Tom Petty’s tracks one by one. Engine Kid using Breakdown, Everclear blasting American Girl, Thorneberry brought Here Comes My Girl, Nectarine with Even The Losers while Truck Stop Love wanted to show romance themed via Listen To Her Heart as Silkworm rocking the Insider for us. Legally, this armament trophy of musical tribute record must be a pillar to remembers how old, wiser and influential Tom Petty appeared as a rock musicians to the homecountrymen and the global interpretations to his delighted good works of song-writings. Excellently elegant and independent to be seek !

You Got Lucky - A Tribute To Tom Petty: